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Royal Coaching Cheat Sheet, pt. 1

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Royal and Lady Royal High Performance Nutrition Handbook

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Healthy Fast Food Choices

Breakfast in 5 Minutes

Sports Nutrition 101

Tips for a Healthy Weight

Healthy Fast Food Ordering

Michigan State’s Sports Nutrition Video Series

MSU’s “Sports Nutrition 101 Handout”

MSU’s “Sports Nutrition 101” Video #1

MSU’s “Athlete Performance Plate” Video #2

MSU’s “Timing of Intake” Video #3

MSU’s “Power Hour” Video #4

MSU’s “Energy Balance” Video #5

MSU’s “Hydration” Video #6

MSU’s “Supplements” Video #7

MSU’s “Putting it All Together” Video #8

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National High School Strength Coaches Association

National Strength and Conditioning Association

USA Weightlifting

Gatorade Sports Science Exchange