About Richland High School

Richland High School is a public school located in North Richland Hills, TX that competes in Texas’ University Interscholastic League.

The Richland Royals and Lady Royals compete in the following sports:

Boys Baseball

Boys and Girls Basketball 

Boys and Girls Cross Country

Boys Football 

Boys and Girls Golf

Boys and Girls Gymnastics

Girls Softball

Boys and Girls Soccer

Boys and Girls Swimming

Boys and Girls Tennis

Boys and Girls Track & Field 

Girls Volleyball

Boys and Girls Wrestling

Mascot: Royal and Lady Royal

Colors: Navy Blue, Silver, White, Red

Boys Athletic Coordinator:

Ged Kates

Office: 817-547-7050

E-mail: ged.kates@birdvilleschools.net

Girls Athletic Coordinator: 

Shelley Davis

Office: 817-547-7501

E-mail: shelley.davis@birdvilleschools.net